TCU Offerings

TCU's focus is on underwriting transactions which generally fall outside the appetite of the current ECPRI market, including:

  • Smaller, one-off export transactions;
  • Emerging Market exporters, importers and Brokers
  • Medium-term transactions with private Obligors;
  • Smaller pre-export financings;
  • Revolving trade credit facilities for Regional Banks
  • Programs for trade funds and institutional lenders.

As a general rule, we are not interested in the following types of transactions:

  • PRI only Investment Insurances
  • Project Financings
  • Traditional Whole Turnover Programs
  • Larger and/or complex transactions with sovereign obligators or involving large nature resource projects

We seek to work with a limited number of experienced exporters, traders and lenders for whom we can provide on-going and multiple coverages and programs.

We also have an established reputation for underwriting transactions in Latin America.

We are happy to provide Preliminary Indications of Terms and NBI's to interested parties.

Inquiries can be sent to any of the TCU principals.