Insurance Products

Credit and political risk insurers offer a wide range of coverages as cited below:

For Exporters

  • Non-payment coverage for short-term and medium-term exports to both private and public sector buyers. Policies can be written for one-off transactions and for multi-buyer programs
  • Pre-shipment covers to protect exporters with long lead times against the insolvency of their buyer

For Importers

  • Non-payment and non-performance coverages in respect of advance payments and pre-financings of structured commodity trade and trade finance programs
  • Trade credit insurance facilities for importers. Policies can be written to cover both short and medium term imports and can be issued to one supplier or many different suppliers

For Contractors

  • Contract Repudiation Insurance against non-payment or wrongful termination of a foreign contract
  • Unfair Calling of Guarantee Cover

For Financial Institutions

The coverages cited above have been adapted to serve the trade related requirements of financial institutions. Coverages are available for:

  • Non-payment for both short-term and medium-term exports to both private and public sector buyers
  • Structured commodity finance transactions
  • Letters of credit, buyer's credits, leases, and other traditional trade finance instruments
  • Lender's Interest covers for both project and investment assets which protect against the failure or inability of the borrower to repay the loan as a result of various political perils including:

    • Expropriation, confiscation, nationalization and deprivation of the project
    • Breach of Contract
    • Non-honoring of an arbitration award by the host government
    • Political violence that prevents or frustrates the project
    • Exchange transfer and remittance difficulties

For Investors

  • Permanent Investments -
    Coverage is available for companies investing in foreign markets against confiscation, expropriation, nationalization or deprivation; loss caused by forced abandonment, forced divestiture, war, riots and civil commotion; and the risk of inability to convert and transfer earnings or principal from the investment.
  • Mobile Assets -
    Cover for mobile assets such as vehicles, plant and machinery, stocks of commodities etc caused by loss due to perils as outlined above for permanent investments.