Svensk & Company is the founding shareholder of Exporters Credit Corporation ("ECC").

ECC was launched in March 2016 to provide exporters and traders with an alternative source of medium and long term vendor and pre-export financing.

ECC is a Connecticut corporation that acts as a financial advisor to the Belstar Credit Opportunities Fund LLC and other trade finance lenders. In addition to Mr. Svensk, it is owned and managed by an experienced team of trade finance, credit insurance and structured trade finance professionals including Paul Mooney, Ron Davidow, Suresh Advani and Dan Yun.

ECC, on behalf of Belstar, will make available supplier and pre-export credit financing:

  • With credit terms of up to 10 years;
  • Repaid in quarterly or semi-annual installments;
  • At competitive rates and fees;
  • For all equipment and installation costs;
  • With no sourcing restrictions;
  • Utilizing a client's existing credit insurance programs; and
  • With single limits of up to US$50 million.

ECC will finance 100% of the insured portion of each credit on a limited recourse basis. (If the Insured is investment grade, we will consider financing 100% of the entire transaction.)


EMP Belstar is a global investment management firm, run by Daniel Yun and specializing in structured credit and private debt investments. The firm operates offices in New York City, Washington D.C., Seoul and Jakarta. Visit


Financing is effected through the execution of a standard note purchase agreement between the insured and EMP Belstar which will include limited recourse provisions. Funding will be for an amount up to the value of the insurance in force for the transaction or the entire transaction as noted above. Belstar will be named as the Loss Payee on the policy.

ECC can provide you or your client with a preliminary indication of acceptability in a reasonably short period and we will be happy to review the application process with you. Importantly, applications for financing will only be processed provided an NBI or quotation from an acceptable insurer is in place. To provide a preliminary quote, we would accept the same information provided to the insurance underwriters, plus a copy of their NBI and/or draft insurance policy.

While ECC is currently best equipped to deal with individual transactions of US$15 million or more, expressions of interest will be offered for smaller transactions with the expectation that they will be bundled and funded as a pool. We will also consider multiyear programs for portfolios comprising multiple short term credits.